New Civil Engineer – TechFest Awards 2019

Winner – Best Use of Technology: Carbon Reduction Award

Techno-Crete: The Lighter, Greener Postmix Alternative

Techno-Crete is a rapid setting, high strength, Hydrophobic Polyurethane concrete for the setting of posts and stakes into the ground, used as an alternative to traditional concrete or post mix.

The two part material is mixed in the bag and requires no additional water, once mixed the material is poured into the hole the material quickly expands, encapsulating the post below ground level, setting firm in as little as 10 minutes, full strength being achieved within 60 minutes

It’s derived from sustainably grown and recycled vegetable oils, formulated so it can be mixed without the need for mechanical plant and equipment, dramatically reducing the weight of manual handling from 60kg to 1.6kg.

It contains no CFC, HCFC or HFC blowing agents and has a shelf life of up to one year.

Easy To Use

Adheres to Wood, Plastic, Steel, Glass, Stone, Soil. Compacts the surrounding soil as it expands and sets.

No site mixing, pre-bagged materials ensure consistent performance.

Techno-crete is formed of closed cell material, protects the encapsulated post from decay or corrosion (unlike concrete of post mix).

Eco Friendly

Reduced Gravel Extraction: No sandstone or cement required.

Less Transportation Required: Like for like weight reductions –

2Kg of Techno-Crete replaces 125Kg of concrete materials and water.

Increases Productivity

Lightweight compared to using site mixed or pre-mixed concrete.

Ideal for remotely located sites.

2Kg replaces as much as 3 x 20 Kg bags of post mix and 25 litres of water.

Minimum 30 year life in ground

Simple to Use

Step One

Take Bag A and Bag B of Techno-Crete and put on protective gloves.

Step Two

Mix Bag A with Bag B.

Step Three

Reseal Bag B by folding the seal over twice. Hold and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.

Step Four

Pour the mixture.

Step Five

The mixture will expand to fill the hole and set within approx 10 minutes of pouring.

Use Cases & Applications

Techno-Crete is the perfect candidate for any low-carbon or Eco-Friendly installation. Carbon Emissions from concrete run at around 200kg per tonne, or 4 kg per 20 kg bag of post mix.
Techno-Crete runs at 1kg of carbon per kg of material.

An average site hole requires 4 bags post mix compared to 3 kg of Techno-Crete meaning carbon savings are:
3kg carbon in Techno-Crete compared to 16 kg carbon for each equivalent site hole.

Techno-Crete is a pour from the bag complete material, with no water required. This makes it particularly useful in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

1 x 500 Kg pallet of Techno-Crete replaces 12 x 1200 Kg pallets of postmix, making it 32 times more labour efficient

Post Footing

Mast Footing


Temporary Works

Working on behalf of Siemens on the Northern City Lines Resignalling Project which is the start of the wider East Coast Digital Programme, SEVA have been undertaking the civils elements which include construction of the new REB base and associated works at Drayton Park Station. As well as what would be considered ‘traditional’ methods and materials used during this type of construction, the project pledged to push for sustainability through the design, planning and construction phases of all works being undertaken.

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I will now be recommending the use of Technocrete for similar applications on all projects we work on going forward.


Joe Smith

Project Manager at SEVA Rail Services

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